Bakebuns Academy


Couverture Chocolate Course

What You Learn

• Introduction to tempering chocolate
• The basics of tempering cocoa butter – The table tempering method
• The seed tempering method
• The microwave tempering method
• What to do when chocolate is over-crystallized?
• What to do when chocolate is under-crystallized?
• Choosing the right chocolate for enrobed bonbons
• Introduction to spray gun. Spraying technique for coloured chocolates
• How to make the perfect hand-dipped chocolates?
• How to make fillings for hand-dipped chocolates?
• Choosing the right chocolate for moulding chocolate bonbons
• How to fill moulded chocolate bonbons
• Steps to making the perfect moulded chocolate bonbons
• Fundamentals of moulded bonbons
• Fundamentals of framed fillings
• Fundamentals of cocoa butter colours
• Tea ganache enrobed bonbons
• Banana ganache moulded bonbons
• Lemon and basil moulded bonbons
• Crispy praline moulded bars
• Caramel peanut moulded bars
• Intense vanilla moulded bars
• Mango and coconut milk chocolate tablets
• Colourful hazelnut tablets
• White chocolate tablets with a twist
• Modern mendicants
• Hazelnut and milk chocolate enrobed bonbons
• The three brothers enrobed bonbons
• Rebellion lollipops, Pistachio praline and pistachio marzipan
• Flower chocolates, Tiger chocolates
• Chocolate fudge, Tribe chocolates
• Striped chocolate bars




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